About us

Create to Enchant is a student-run blog dedicated to providing opinionated and informative articles on the latest trends in entertainment, up-and-coming scientific research, and ways to optimize your travel and food experiences. Create to Enchant was built on the premise that it would cater to the interests of a diverse group of people. For the die-hard music fans, there would be updates on the greatest tracks in all genres, reviews on the newest albums, and lists of songs tailored to your ever mood. Hipster or not, Create to Enchant has information and reviews on classic novels to young adult fiction. For those who love to travel, the writers at Create to Enchant plunge into online research (or share personal travel experiences) and deliver the information you’re looking for in a tidy and organized blog post.

Create to Enchant is a lifestyle blog designed to keep you informed. It is a fun and friendly blog that aims to share news on a variety of topics in one centralized location. If you would like to contribute or connect with our writers, please email createtoenchant@gmail.com. We would love to hear your feedback!

Yours truly,

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The Create to Enchant Team

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