Hailee Steinfeld Sends Positive Message with Debut Track “LOVE MYSELF”

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Aside from the obvious message about self-love, Steinfeld addresses being body positive with “Love Myself” better than Meghan Trainor was able to do with “All About That Bass”. The difference between Steinfeld’s take on being true to oneself and Trainor’s take is that “All About That Bass” still focuses on what others, particularly boys, think of you. Steinfeld ignores that entirely and focuses on what you should think of yourself, making that the most important part of being body positive. In fact, Steinfeld works to build your self-confidence so much, that body type, body shape, and body image are not even mentioned in the song. “Love Myself” is open to interpretation – you can scratch the surface and see it as a song solely about being able to satisfy yourself , or you can take it one step further. I personally think Hailee Steinfeld wants us to look beyond the initial impression we get from the song.

You hear it all the time – the idea that it’s tough to love someone else if you don’t love yourself. You also hear that if you aren’t happy with yourself, no one else is going to be able to make you happy. Self-fulfillment comes entirely from within, and Steinfeld does address to this to a degree. The fact that she can love herself and does not “need anybody else,” says that she is content with herself. The issue today is that young girls, especially, feel the need to be in a relationship Biologically, yes, there are urges to find a companion, but realistically, if you are content with yourself – with the way you see yourself, with the work you are doing – then that desire diminishes. I think what Hailee is trying to tell mainly the younger audience is that they should put themselves first and make sure that they are in a good place in terms of self-confidence and body-image, as they go hand-in-hand before thinking of finding someone to fill a void. The idea is to love yourself before jumping into a relationship. If we look at this from a more serious perspective, a lot of abusive relationships thrive on the fact that one of the partners is not as confident and relies on the other person to provide that for them. This is why it is so hard for certain people to leave damaging relationships.

Of course, you can look at this song as being a very fun track and not look beyond the superficial lyrics. I do think there are some lyrics in “Love Myself” that can be meaningful if you choose to see them that way. Either way, whether Steinfeld purposely tried to beat Trainor in the body-positive department, or it just so happened that I interpreted that way, this track captured self-fulfillment and confidence the way I’ve always seen it. It’s about YOU and has nothing to do with how others see you; it has everything to do with how you see yourself.


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