Lana del Rey Remains True to Her Musical Style While Giving the Audience Something Different with Her Latest Album, “Honeymoon”

Lana del Rey came out with her latest album Honeymoon late September after being on what seemed like too long of a hiatus. After Ultraviolence, I was excited to see where del Rey would take her new stuff. I noticed a few differences right off the bat. On the whole Honeymoon has a mellower feel to it; it is slower and more haunting than the tracks from Ultraviolence. The lyrics are just as beautiful and poignant though – in fact, I’d argue that Honeymoon has an overall more serious tone to it. The only ‘fun’ track I would consider semi-upbeat is the fourth song, “Music to Watch Boys To”, whereas, if you compare this to Ultraviolence, there were quite a few tracks like that including “Florida Kilos”, “Brooklyn Baby”, and “West Coast”.

Official album cover
Official album cover “Honeymoon” – Lana del Rey [Sept. 2015]
I think the tracks that resonated the most with me were “Salvatore”, “Religion”, and “24” because they were so honest. Del Rey has mentioned a certain Salvatore in another song titled “Backfire” (it was never released on iTunes), and so you get the sense that there’s a story there. It also has a very catchy, familiar-sounding tune to it. I can’t put my finger on where I’ve heard it though! “Religion” is absolutely fantastic as it addresses being so devoted to someone that you ignore everything else, like your friends for example. It’s quite realistic in its lyrics, making the audience think about anyone who has ever taken up so much of their time that they become their entire life. Oh, and “24”…how many songs have you heard about having twenty-four hours? I can already think of three off the top of my head, but this track is so different from what I’m thinking. Del Rey has mastered the ability to serenade practically anyone, and she shows off that skill in this song. There’s soft percussion in the background, but the best part is the contrast with the hard, raw lyrics. Lana del Rey proves that she hasn’t changed up her style with this album but that she’s still capable of releasing unique music. I can’t really compare her to any other artist I know in terms of her voice, the raw lyrics, and the poetry that comes through every single song.

I highly recommend you check this album out. Even if you didn’t enjoy Born to Die or Ultraviolence (although, how could you not?!), I think Honeymoon offers a fresh set of songs that I’m sure you can appreciate.

Comment below and let us know what you think of the album!

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4 thoughts on “Lana del Rey Remains True to Her Musical Style While Giving the Audience Something Different with Her Latest Album, “Honeymoon”

  1. This makes me so excited to check out Lana’s music! I’ve loved some of her more popular songs in the past – like “Summertime Sadness” – but this makes me want to dig into her albums a little more. She has such a beautiful voice.

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    1. Hello Jenn! Thanks for reading! Yes, absolutely check out her other stuff – there are so many tracks that don’t get played on the radio that are so great!! Let us know how you like Lana’s latest album 🙂


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