The Original Taylor Swift

Don’t get me wrong, this taylor-swiftnew, ‘poppier’ Swift is great too. But sometimes, I miss the country “Teardrops on My Guitar” Taylor – remember those awesome tracks off her Fearless album? Now the songs she’s producing sound similar and not-so-special…but I guess she’s just going with what sells most. Hey, I will love ‘T. Swizzle’, but I wouldn’t mind her going old-school, feisty country singer we all fell in love with.

Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana

Yes, I did just go there. I’m going to be honest – Miley has produced some catchy beats like “We Can’t Stop”, but I’d rather hear about “The Best of Both Worlds” than doing Molly and making out with stranMileystewart..gers. Forget about Hannah Montana, Miley actually had some great tracks back in the day like “Stay”, “Goodbye”, “These Four Walls”, and “Driveway” – how many of those lesser-known gems have you heard? Let’s face it – her music began to go down hill ever since “Can’t be Tamed”, but at least we know she has it in her to do a lot better!

Mariah Carey

Where did she disappear to? Mariah has a phenomenal voice and no scarcity of talent, but she kinda just vanished from the music scene. Is it bad thatmariah-carey-getty.preview the last track I remember is “Obsessed” from 2009? I mean, that was 6 years ago…perhaps there was a track released between then and now, but we really need an MC comeback – would the real MC please stand up? I haven’t heard or seen any sign of her lately, but I hope we hear from her soon!


Some good news on the Adele front…kinda. ‘Rumour has it’ that a new album may be in the works. ‘Course, I wouldn’t get my hopes up until the music powerhouse confirms it herself. Oh, Adele, we hope you’re working on a track for the new James Bond movie because “Skyfall” was unbelievable. After an ‘eargasm’-inducing album like 21, Adele just can’t leave us hanging! I’m positive she’ll be making a crazy good comeback quite soon – Adele, please don’t make us search for “someone like you” ‘cause there’s no replacement; you really are our “one and only”. Too much? I guess you can see how much I miss her soulful voice and resonating lyrics!

Do you guys agree? Comment below, and let’s talk about it!

Your favourite music-lover,

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  1. Adele on the Skyfall soundtrack was phenomenal! I know she has some new music coming soon so we just have to be patient. I was really missing Janet Jackson, she’s a childhood favorite of mine. Glad she’s back with new music.

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    1. Hey Jenn! I totally agree! I’m hoping she surprises all of us and does a song for “Spectre” 🙂 Janet Jackson did have some really good tunes as well, although I wasn’t a huge fan. But yes, I can’t wait for more Adele! Thanks for reading 🙂

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    1. Hahaha, I think Adele is going to surprise us in November! Crossing my fingers for another amazing album! I often miss Taylor’s older, country music style…perhaps she’ll throw a new album at us that’s reminiscent of her earlier musical days 🙂

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