The Music Scene: Artists to Keep an Eye On

Augusta Ray

Cover off her new EP - on iTunes now!
Cover off her new EP – on iTunes now!

I had the incredible opportunity to hear Augusta live multiple times last summer back when she was a local artist. I’m not exaggerating when I say that singer-songwriter, Augusta Campoli, is going to be huge. She personally told me that her stage name is Augusta Ray because she wanted something simple, that people can pronounce easily. I’d say that’s a smart move! With a voice like Carrie Underwood and spunk that would put Shania Twain and Taylor Swift (back in her country pop days) to shame, Augusta will have you tapping your feet and drumming the table. Augusta Ray’s EP has just hit iTunes – keep your eye out for her tracks, including the fantastic “Nobody Told Me” and be prepared to be serenaded with “What If”. I’m sure that in the near future, when you think country, you’ll think Augusta Ray.

Francesco Yates


Yates is one of the youngest musicians on my list. He’s 19 and signed on with Atlantic Records at 16. Canadian-born and just started out, he’s already released a few major hits including “Better to be Loved”. He’s got a voice similar to Michael Buble’s, maybe even close to Michael Jackson’s. It’s soulful, clear, and fun. Just listen to his cover of “Earned It” (the Weeknd) and classic jazz tunes. Definitely keep your eyes on Francesco Yates – Pharell has told the Toronto Star that he’s “…gonna be a huge, huge pop star” as quoted in 2015.

Elle King


She’s only 26, and she’s already high on the charts with her catchy tune “Exes and Ohs”. This American singer-songwriter has a deep, velvety voice that is comparable to indie artist Kandle (who you should also check out). Her tune “Ain’t Gonna Drown” is dark, mysterious, and has very intriguing lyrics. Elle King is on fire and is bound to be a around for a while!

Tori Kelly


Tori Kelly has already collaborated with international music star, Ed Sheeran, at the ripe age of 22, which is more than I can say for myself! One of her latest tracks “Should’ve Been Us” is an upbeat pop track that’ll have you singing along. On the other end is her sad, wistful tune “I Was Made for Loving You” featuring Ed Sheeran. Both tracks are off her album Unbreakable Smile. Kelly has only just begun – I’m sure there’s more great music in store!

Ria Mae


Ria Mae caught my eye (or should I say, ears?) when I heard “Clothes Off” on the radio this month. The 2015 hit by yet another Canadian artist (Canadian pride! Woot!) has listeners pushing repeat. Her music style has been described as a mix between alt-pop and folk. If her talent isn’t enough proof that she’s going to be big, how about her nomination for Songwriter of the Year at the 2015 East Coast Music Awards? Mae might have you taking your clothes off, but your earphones won’t be coming off any time soon! Keep listening – there’s more to come!



Kaleida is a lot more obscure than some of the other artists mentioned because they haven’t been on the radio, but if you’ve seen the 2014 blockbuster John Wick, I’m sure you noticed the great soundtrack! Kaleida’s title track “Think” from their debut EP was featured in the movie. Another great track from their EP is “Take Me To the River” with haunting lyrics and a simple beat. The English electro-pop duo only just formed in 2013, so I’d expect to hear them featured on more movie soundtracks in the future or perhaps mainstream radio eventually!

I hope you guys check out these amazing artists. Do your ears a favour, okay?

Comment and let us know what you think!

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