When I say that these are songs you probably don’t know, I’m not trying to insult you. I’m not saying that you aren’t a true Ed Sheeran fan. As an avid Ed Sheeran listener myself, I only recently discovered these gems. These tracks are either part of the deluxe version of Sheeran’s popular albums, or they are from less popular EPs and much older albums. Still, after hearing each of these tunes, I am shocked that they aren’t more popular. In no particular order, I’ve listed five of my favourite, lesser-known songs by Ed Sheeran.

1.One Night

I love “One Night” because of the brutally honest lyrics and the catchy beat of course. The lyrics describe a series of one-night stands that supposedly mean much more to a young boy who continues seeing the same “local girl”. However, the boy admits to continue seeing this girl because she buys him junk food, implying that he is not well off and relies on her for his basic needs. Although Ed repeats the lines “Tell her that I love her, tell her that I need her, tell her that she’s more than a one-night stand…” the lyrics lead me to believe that he doesn’t actually mean it. Of course, I’m sure you’ll have your own interpretation, but this song is catchy, fun, and meaningful. Ed does not fail to deliver with powerful words, great music, and a tune that’ll have you tapping your feet.

2.Be Like You

“Be Like You” has a cheery, summery feel to it. It’s a song you might listen to while sitting on the patio sipping some lemonade. It’s about a break-up, yet it sounds like something you’d listen to if you were in love. But that’s why I love this song – the whole point is that it sounds like a love song yet describes a break-up. The boy’s perspective is that he can’t imagine being without his girlfriend, so he tries to be like her to understand what went wrong in the relationship. Ed sings “I’ll squeeze into your dress, so I can be like you, and I’ll see your bitterness and why you’re leaving too. Maybe I’ll put you to a test and say that I love you.” Still, at the end of the song, the lyrics tell us that his lover left him despite all that. “Be Like You” is about a sad situation but sounds like a feel-good song – I’d say that Ed’s done it again!

3.Autumn Leaves

I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this track only because I had originally thought that it was a cover of the popular jazz tune, and I knew that Ed would have done an amazing rendition of it. However, this original is great but warning: it has a sad, melancholy feel to it. There’s some nice piano in the background, which is different because Ed and his guitar are inseparable! This is a track you’d listen to if you were missing someone because it’s as if Ed Sheeran totally gets you. Doesn’t he always? 😉

 4.Everything You Are

“Everything You Are” is one of my top favourite songs of all time, hands down. It tells an interesting story full of regret and love, and it makes you want to sing along every time you hear it. The story behind the song is of a bad relationship with cheating on both sides – one party regrets it and wants to move on, declaring, “…Behind my truth lies, everything you are”. There’s this deep longing in Ed’s voice indicating regret and a desire to get back to the old, fulfilling relationship that used to exist between the lovers. However, this desire seems to be one-sided as Ed sings, “When I see my future, it is with you, so get that” and “I want my children to be with you, so get that”. It’s almost like a ballad – you’ll be singing it with as much emotion as Ed whether you’ve experienced this type of relationship or not.

 5.Let it Out

“Let It Out” is a song about longing to be with someone you’ve known for a while – a close friend maybe. I like it because it is so relatable and because the bridge and chorus are very catchy. Even the instrumentals in the background are fun and spirited, especially when Ed repeats, “We’re like glue”. Overall, it’s a nice song to listen to no matter what your mood.

Well, I hope you enjoy these tracks, and if you’ve already heard them, I’m sure you can understand why I’m such a fan. If these are new to you, check them out as soon as you can – you won’t regret it!

Your favourite music aficionado,

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